Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wood Staining: DIY

I have had this wooden trash bin for some time and it needed a little "pick me up".
I decided I would sand it and re stain it, it was originally a light pine color and I wanted to stain it a little darker to match the rest of the wood surfaces in the house. When I started sanding I realized that it wasn't pine, but some sort of cedar "plywood" sheet...I had no idea that even existed. Anyway it made the sanding a little difficult, but despite that and the 100 degree temps, it was relatively easy!
This is the original color:

So after removing all the hardware, I got out my handy-dandy electric sander and got to work!
( I use the Black & Decker Smart Select Technology. No worries is very girl friendly!)
This is what it looked like after I sanded it:                                      

Next step: STAIN...SCARY!!!
I used a sponge to apply the stain, it seemed a little easier to apply this way than with a cloth. The cloth soaked up to much of the color and honestly just made a giant mess!
I applied 1 coat and left it to dry overnight and then applied a second coat and let that dry overnight. I went with 2 coats of stain because the first one just wasn't dark enough. When you are applying your stain be sure to use smooth, even strokes and don't be a slowpoke because the stain starts to soak in fast.
Here is the finished project!

Here is a link I found on YouTube with some "how to" tips.

Sand paper or electric sander (I prefer the electric sander, depending on the type of wood, if you use sand paper you will probably be sanding all day...just sayin!)
Stain (I chose Dark Oak stain by Cabot stain and polyurethane all in one)
Sponge (or sponges)
Face mask ( the sander will make LOTS of dust and the stain DOES NOT smell like roses)