Monday, February 28, 2011

Table Makeover

I have had this table living in my home for a while now, I purchased it at Pier 1 years ago.
It was always a plain rustic pine table until one day it screamed, paint me!
I have a really bad habit of getting bored with my surroundings and on occasion...
the creative monster in me takes over...and well...things change!
Here was the original color of the plain rustic table in it's humble beginning ♥

So, after hearing the screams of the sad little table with no personality, I decided to go to work!
First, I sanded the entire table removing all remnants of it's previous self


Then it was on to the good stuff...painting, painting and more painting. I started out with a
basic turquoise color...HOWEVER...that color was not working for me, it was a little bright.
Before applying the second coat, I decided to add a tad of black paint...mix REALLY well...this is what I got...
Round two was much better!
After painting the table I chose to add a antiqued effect. I used a chocolate brown with some glaze and...voila!
A few touch ups here and there and I'm pretty happy. I hope I made the little table as happy as it makes me!